The Shapes United-Standard Buttons Underwear

Color: Black
Size: 14
Sale price$29.95


Clip-knix underwear -This cleverly designed underwear solution enables the wearer to put them on in either a standing, sitting or lying position increasing independence for women who experience limited mobility, or who may need assistance to dress.

The standard bikini style features several front positioned openings with clip and hooks fastenings to suit a wide range of needs; simply place Clip-Knix in position and clip!

Bikini style, four front positioned openings with buttons. Easy on and off for increased dignity, independence and confidence.

90% cotton, 5% elastane, 5% polyamide. Comfortable, breathable and stylish. Regular fit. Machine washable.

Ethically & sustainably produced.

AU customers -Choose one size smaller that you would normally wear. The Underwear run a little larger than standard Australian sizing

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