The Shapes United- Classic Buttons Underwear

Color: Black
Size: 8
Sale price$29.95


The Shapes United is proud to announce our collaboration with ClipKnix!

You’ll love ClipKnix’s Side Clip Classic Underwear, a brief French-style underwear. Featuring higher waistlines and thicker materials, giving you more comfort and support.
The more Classic option for fashionable and earth-conscious individuals with limited mobility. Easy to put them on independently without bending, stretching or balancing on one leg.

You can choose between button fasteners or hooks and pair them with our specially selected colours. Feel empowered and independent with the Clip-Knix Classic underwear.

Bikini style, front positioned openings with buttons. Easy on and off for increased dignity, independence and confidence.

90% cotton, 5% elastane, 5% polyamide. Lacy look. Comfortable, breathable and stylish. Regular fit. Machine washable.



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