The Shapes United- Bamboo Cushion Sole Seamless Comfort Sock

Color: Black
Size: 3-8
Sale price$12.00


The Shapes United have partnered with SOX by Angus to offer 'Loose Top Socks'. These amazingly colourful socks not only make your feet look great but they benefit your legs too.

Hello comfy socks! To some, they are also known as circulation socks, health socks, medical top socks and comfort socks. These socks are designed with a soft cushion sole, loose top and won't leave a mark after a day of wearing them. They are also seam free! To us, they are known as delightful. 

The outside is made of 100% yarn while the inside is made of spandex (polyester/elastane).The whole sock is 90% bamboo,10% spandex (polyester/elastane).

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