TENA Discreet High Waist Underwear Super Crème

Size: Medium (75-105cm - 1 pack - 9 items)
Sale price$21.10


Looks and feels like regular underwear but is designed for moderate to heavy bladder weakness.


  • 3x protection against leaks.
  • High absorbency locks in heavier leaks quickly.
  • Made from soft, cream fabric and is designed to be feminine, elegant and beautifully discreet.
  • Cream colour inside and out.
  • The soft-fit fabric ensures they stay comfortably in place all day.
  • Perfume-free and neutralizes odours helping you stay fresh.
  • Made from dermatologically tested material that is safe and kind to the skin.

Due to health and hygiene regulations we are unable to accept returns on continence supplies

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