TENA Liners Ultimate Coverage - Ultra Long Liner

Size: Ultra Long Length (1 pack - 22 items)
Sale price$7.99


Extra security, absorbency, and coverage of a long incontinence liner. 

Length 230mm (23cm)


  • 35% more length than our standard liners.
  • All-day protection for drips and drops.
  • Frequent small leaks are associated with laughing, coughing, sneezing sports, and exercise.
  • BodyFit shape.
  • Soft, breathable top sheet for the ultimate in comfort.
  • Odour Lock Technology to prevent odours from developing.
  • They also feature our new ‘Wrap. Close. Dispose.’ wrappers, so bladder leak liners can be sealed back into the wrapper of the fresh liner for discreet disposal.
Due to health and hygiene regulations we are unable to accept returns on continence supplies

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