MoliCare Sorbalgon T Ribbons

Size: 2g/30cm
Sale price$73.69


The Sorbalgon T calcium alginate tamponade strips by Hartmann form a non-sticky gel.
Drug-free tamponade strips from calcium alginate fibers which are converted in exchange with the sodium salts of blood and secretions in a hydrophilic, non-sticky gel and fill the wound. This makes a close contact with the wound and a favorable microclimate for healing arise because the germs are included during the transformation in the gel structure.
Applications of tamponade strips:
To supply all external wounds in case of bleeding and exuding wounds, because here the wound-healing gel comes into play, such. as in venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, abscesses, boils, burns are difficult to be supplied wounds in trauma and tumor surgery for deep wounds and fistulae.

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