Medline® Remedy Phytoplex Cleanser Hydrating Shampoo & Body Wash

Size: 472ML Pump Pack
Sale price$9.45


Low sudsing hydrating head-to-toe cleansing gel is ideal for use in the shower or diluted for basin bath.

  • Use in the shower or as a no-rinse cleanser.
  • Rinses off easily.
  • Cleans and conditions both fragile hair and sensitive skin.
  • Sulfate-free formula helps maintain natural pH and moisture balance.
  • Can be used on intact, irritated, or denuded skin.
  • Emollients and a touch of Dimethicone help improve skin moisture.
  • Enhanced with Phytoplex and other botanicals.
  • Ideal for everyone from newborns to older adults.

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