MoliCare Pad

Size: 2 Drops
Sale price$138.10


2 Drops - 336 (12 x 28) per carton

3 Drops - 168 (6 x 28) per carton

4 Drops - 168 (6 x 28) per carton

The MoliCare Pad is a reliable pad for light bladder weakness. Suitable for both men and women, the pad sits neatly within normal underwear or fixation pant. MoliCare Pad contains a 3-layer absorbent core that pulls fluid away from the surface, so the skin stays dry, healthy and free from odours.
It also has unique curly fibre technology that helps to maintain the skin’s natural pH level that helps reduce risk of infection and skin irritation caused by incontinence.


  • Reliable unisex pad range designed for light  bladder weakness.
  • pH5.5 Skin friendly reduces risk of skin irritation and redness caused by incontinence.
  • Wide adhesive stripe for secure and comfortable fixation in regular underwear.
  • Contains Polyethylen backsheet.
  • Odour neutralizer seals in odours tightly.
  • Fast absorption with anti-leakage system for maximum security.
  • Secure and comfortable.
  • Dermatologically tested.

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