Tyrex Gradient 1:8 - Ramp (900mm Wide)

Size: 1.4kg
Sale price$62.00


Improved access solutions in everyday use for both commercial and domestic applications.

Available in black, standard sizes.

Ramps from 105mm to 160mm are Made to Order. Delivery is 2-3 weeks from order.

A = Height
B = Length
C = Width

1.4kg - 20mm (A) x 160mm (B) x 900mm (C)
2.0kg -  20mm (A) x 160mm (B) x 900mm (C)
3.9kg -  20mm (A) x 160mm (B) x 900mm (C)
4.4kg -  35mm (A) x 280mm (B) x 900mm (C)


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