Glucerna Powder Vanilla 6 x 850g

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"Glucerna Powder Vanilla 0.96 kcal/mL is formulated especially for the nutritional needs of people with diabetes or with impaired glucose tolerance.

(6 x 850g per carton, the product is sold in carton quantities only)

- Complete and balanced nutrition with 28 essential vitamins and minerals
- Advanced slow-release carbohydrate blend and low Glycaemic Index formulation (GI = 35) to help manage blood glucose levels
- 4 x higher myo-inositol* to support insulin sensitivity
- Heart healthy fat blend including monounsaturated and plant-based omega 3 fatty acids

*Compared to previous version of Glucerna (S434) per serving.

Glucerna Powder can be used to replace a meal, partial meal or snack as part of a diabetes management plan including diet and exercise.

Food for Special Medical Purposes. Use under medical supervision.
Glucerna Powder is suitable as a supplemental source of nutrition only. It is not to be used as a sole source of nutrition.
Not for parenteral use. Not for use in galactosaemia.
Not intended for use in children unless recommended by a healthcare professional."

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