Ensure Plus Strength Ready To Drink Coffee 30 x 220mL

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"Ensure Plus Strength Coffee 1.5 kcal/mL is a high energy, high protein, complete and balanced nutritional supplement with CaHMB*, vitamin D, and calcium. It is suitable for people recovering from illness, surgery or who are nutritionally-at‑risk and experiencing muscle loss.

(30 x 220 ml per carton, the product is sold in carton quantities only)

Ensure Plus Strength has been clinically shown to:
- Improve nutritional status
- Protect and preserve muscle mass, strength, and function
- Support a strong recovery

Each 220 mL bottle provides:
- 330 kcal
20 g protein
- 1.5 g CaHMB*
- 28 essential vitamins and minerals including 500 IU vitamin D and 499 mg calcium

*CaHMB:calcium beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate is an active metabolite that helps support muscle protein synthesis and slow down muscle protein breakdown

Food for Special Medical Purposes. Use under medical supervision
Ensure Plus Strength is suitable as a supplemental source of nutrition only. It is not to be used as a sole source of nutrition.
Not for parenteral use. Not for use in galactosaemia.
Not intended for use in children unless recommended by a healthcare professional."

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