Dream Detangler™️ Brush

Color: Sensory Red
Sale price$27.95


The original Dream Detangler Brush creates pain-free hair brushing and tear-free mornings!

Perfect for the most sensitive scalps, it can be used on wet and dry hair, making it ideal for all hair types.  Its lightweight design and easy-to-grip handle helps you beat daily hair brushing battles FOREVER, brushing out tangles easily with no pulling, tugging or pain.

The Dream Detangler Brush has revolutionary thin but strong super flexi bristles combined with synthetic boar bristles that glide through hair effortlessly, minimizing pain making detangling quicker and easier and protecting against breakage and split ends.

*The Sensory Red and Sensory Bronze Dream Detangler have double-dipped tips for additional comfort and slightly longer bristles to detangle the hair more gently.

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