Christina Stephens- Dinesh Seated Jeans

Color: Black
Size: S (32")
Sale price$199.00


Seated. Sexy. Strong. The perfect men's seated jeans designed for the blokes in a seated position who want to look the part, feel comfy, and avoid pressure sores. *Woven with lyocell for absolute seated comfort! Wear them on your next date, to the races, to work or to meet the fellas for a drink!


- Light-weight, soft, wrinkle free denim
- Longer leg length for seated fashion
- Seamless back (bottom) design to prevent pressure sores
- High back, low front in design for dignity and to prevent front bunching
- Discreet catheter tube zip access on each side of leg
- Two 20cm side zips and button so jeans can fold down at the front to assist with dressing and access
- "Usable" front chin pockets on each leg
- Room on thigh to discreetly accommodate leg bag
- Contemporary flat front and elasticised back waist
- ‘Belt loop’ pull tabs to assist with dressing
- No annoying internal labels or tags

Material: 68 Cotton / 21 Polyester / 9 Ecovero / 2 Lycra

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