Christina Stephens- Dean Gender Neutral Waistcoat

Size: Small
Sale price$99.00


Add a textured layer to elevate your every day outfit, with our lined linen gender-neutral waistcoat (vest). Not feeling 100% confident around your mid-section? The vest creates a slimming effect so you can feel on the fly and confident all day. Perfect for work, dates, or a day out at the race


- Durable and sustainable
- A-line frame
- Magnetic closures down the front to assist with dressing
- Discreet, open-ended invisible zips down each side to assist with dressing
- Faux pockets
- No annoying internal labels or tags

Material: 100 Linen / 97 Polyester / 3 Spandex

Care: Cool, gentle wash cycle. Avoid tumble drying and dry cleaning. Cool iron.

CAUTION: This product contains magnets. You should consult with your medical practitioner before wearing this garment.

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