OMNI 5 Piece Adaptive Dining Ware Kit

Color: White
Sale price$149.00


OMNI Adaptive Dining ware is designed for those with mobility or recognition impairments. OMNI encourages independence and dignity when eating.

Made from durable melamine, this 5 piece plate and bowl set is virtually unbreakable. The low internal wall means the plate has the look of a standard porcelain dinner plate but with the assistive qualities of an adaptive dinner plate. The lightweight design, wide lip and sensory handle aids with carrying, holding and service. Contrasting rim options assist with food recognition, to aid those with partial sight or other visual impairments. Discreet silicone feet prevent surface slipping and reduce potential mess and breakages.

The 5 set piece includes -

1 x Self righting bowl (170mm)

Deep and Shallow Dinner Plates (230mm)

Deep and Shallow Side Plates (170mm)

Available with a choice of red or blue edges to assist with visibility and recognition, or in solid white

Not suitable for use in oven or microwave. Suitable for hot and cold food and liquids (up to 120 degC)

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